Sometimes The Lies Are Just Too Much

Hyperbole is one thing. Selective mentioning of the facts is expected in the political arena. But outright lies should not go unchallenged.

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We’ve all seen the debate over contraception and ObamaCare in the news in recent weeks. Whether you support ObamaCare, or not. Or support any kind of individual mandate, or not. I think one must honestly see the blatant untruth that is in this Tweet from Planned Parenthood yesterday, responding to the defeat in the Senate of the so-called Blunt Amendment. Note: I do not want this post or discussion to be about abortion, or whether abortion is good, bad, or otherwise. This post is focused on PP’s description of what the legislation was trying to accomplishment.

I admit that I haven’t read the Blunt Amendment. But I was under the impression that it would allow employers to decide that they did not want to cover prescriptions and procedures that some find objectionable.

I never read anything credible that claimed any of the legislation would allow an employer to decide what an employee may buy or use. I think that even if the Blunt Amendment had passed, that an employee, man or woman, would be able to fill any Rx they choose, and have any procedure they choose. From what I can tell, the Planned Parenthood message above is a clear untruth. Are they ignorant, or intentionally malevolent?

If it turns out that I am mistaken, and the Blunt Amendment would truly have made it illegal for an employee to acquire a prescription or procedure, I will update the post and admit my error. If it turns out that my understanding is correct, I think that Planned Parenthood loses any shred of honest credibility.

  • Michael Rizzo

    By the logic of planned parenthood’s comment, then it is just the same as me arguing that my employer (the U of R) has decided which house I can buy and what clothes I wear … 

    • speedmaster

       Thank you, Sir. Honored to see you check in here!  :-)

  • Rob McMillin


    Both sides are pleased to tell half-truths in the service of their particular fantasies.

    The left, which is always in favor of Free Stuff, wants to force employers to pay for birth control as part of their efforts to eventually nationalize health care. The religious right — including and especially Catholic conservatives — do not want to have to pay for this, saying it (legitimately) offends their religious tenets (though a vast majority of the flock ignores the teachings of the Church proper). The left says it is about choice. So does the right. Both are correct, and lying.

    • Seth

      I missed the part about the right lying.  Is it because religious individuals choose to ignore the teachings of their church?

      • speedmaster

         It’s also not entirely clear to my where the right is lying on this specific issue, either.