Do Unemployment Checks “Stimulate” The Economy?

Ms. Valerie Jarrett displays a legendary level of economic ignorance. Using a little bit of reductio ad absurdum to refute it …

We could unemploy say 80% of the labor force, send them all unemployment checks, and we would be even better off economically?! Only an fool would believe that. I think it’s part of the similar belief that we can consume our way to prosperity. But that view is mistaken. We become wealthier by production, not consumption.

[ UPDATE: Valerie Jarrett Says Unemployment ‘Stimulates’ Economy ]

The fact that this person is a senior adviser in the White House explains a great deal.

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  • Seth

    Why don’t we ever hear folks like Jarrett encourage people to save for hard times, diversify their skill set and get out and knock on some doors?  

    • speedmaster

      Thanks, Seth. And I think the answer your question is … because promising to give people other people’s property is more likely to result in votes.  ;-)

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