Quick Review: Clear for iOS, The Art of ToDo

Every once in a while a product comes along that just seems perfect in terms of both form and function. Usually it’s something physical, an object. Once in a while it’s a piece of software (or even a beautiful algorithm).

Sometimes the perfect product wows the users with features, seemingly doing everything he/she wants. But as with a well-written column or article, the most perfect forms are often known for the brevity. That’s how I see the new Clear app for iOS. It’s just a to-do app for the iPhone. That’s certainly far from ground-breaking (though not quite in the category of the ubiquitous tip-calculator).

[Watch the Video – Clear for iPhone – Breathtakingly-simple todos for iPhone]

But Clear not only has a very focused purpose, it’s completely minimalist in nature. No frills, no whiz-bang features of functionality, hell, not even any buttons! It’s all gesture-based. And it just works.

I’ve tried or tinkered with EverNote, Remember The Milk, even Gina Trapani‘s clever Todo.txt. And God only knows how many others (including Yahoo! and Google’s apps). But Clear in my opinion has them all beaten by a mile. It’s simple, clear, and almost art.

You can see from the pics the entire app lives in a 3-level hierarchy. At 99 cents it’s pretty much a no-brainer. Check it out for the clever UI if nothing else. And check out some of the detailed reviews linked below.

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