So Who Decides What Unicode Characters Are Necessary?

I’ll argue that every once in a while, groups or committees may not be the ideal way to solve a problem.

[UPDATE: Today I realized that this post may come across too seriously to some readers. I actually find the story kind of amusing, just having some sarcastic fun with it.]

Apparently, the Unicode Technical Committee decided that they needed a pile-of-poo character to properly round the character set. (pic via BB)

Unicode’s “Pile of Poo” character – Boing Boing: For many years, most of the Internet ran on ASCII, a character set that had a limited number of accents and diacriticals, and which didn’t support non-Roman script at all. Unicode, a massive, sprawling replacement, has room for all sorts of characters and alphabets, and can be extended with “private use areas” that include support for Klingon. But for all that, I never dreamt that Unicode was so vast as to contain a special character for a “pile of poo.”

If I hadn’t seen this myself on the Unicode site, I’m not sure I would have believed it.

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  • Jalllanite

    The “pile of poo” character is just one of many pictorial Emoji characters originally created by Japanese phone companies. It was Google who mainly pressed the Unicode consortium to include Unicode characters for all the Emoji characters as, since these characters now exist as phone characters, Google and other companies need to be able to render them.

    The “pile of poo” character (

    • speedmaster

       Thanks very much for the info, Jalllanite . That is interesting. And no need to be snarky. I think you took my post too seriously. I was just having fun with the whole thing.