WiFi vs 3G/4G – The Numbers


The Wireless Equivalent of Fracking – WSJ.com: The latest data from Millennial Media shows that, in November, unlicensed Wi-Fi spectrum accounted for 39% of data delivered to mobile devices, up from 32% two months earlier. Not only is Wi-Fi delivering almost twice as much mobile data to users as the AT&T and Verizon cellular networks combined, but its share seems destined to continue growing.

An eye-opening report from Jefferies telecom analyst Thomas Seitz explains why: Some 65% of wireless data usage takes place indoors, according to Cisco, up from 57% two years ago. Mr. Seitz cites plausible industry forecasts that the number will soon be 90%. As Mr. Seitz points out, the vast majority of mobile device usage is in a fixed location, usually home or office, where almost certainly a Wi-Fi network is handy even if the user isn’t using it.

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