Thoughts On The New Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph

Ben Clymer over at Hodinkee gives us a full review of the new Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph. Oh, and thanks to Ben for the pics here!

The review is fantastic and a must-read, he summarizes with this:

“The Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph is a very good watch. It might even be a great one.  Aesthetically, it hits all the right notes and respects its manually wound, space-bound forefathers without crossing the line into a tribute within the same family.  The Omega caliber 9300/9301 is a fantastic automatic movement, and the use of the co-axial escapement and sillicon balance spring (plus a column wheel with vertical clutch!) means you are getting some serious mechanical goodness here.  The case is larger at 44.25mm X 16mm, but it’s not too large by any means and actually found it wears smaller than it measures.  Functionally, you’ve got an incredibly accurate automatic watch with a considerable, 60-hour power reserve, plus a 12-hour chronograph with date window.  The lack of a quick-set date is strange for a watch with a brand new movement, but at least it has a date at all (the Rolex Daytona does not). So, the Co-Axial Speedmaster is an excellent watch, and in our opinion worth the $8,200 for which it sells.  The thing is, will other people even spend enough time looking into it to come to that conclusion?  Until this watch, the average automatic Omega sold for about half this price.  Half, people.”

In a vacuum, if I had never seen a Speedmaster Pro before, I would absolutely love this watch. I might wish it was a tad smaller at 42mm, but that’s about it. Ok, I also wish it was cheaper, I think Omega thinks it’s selling Rolexes at these prices in the last few years. But they’re trying to move their image upscale and I appreciate that.

Chuck Maddox – ]

But … I have seen a Speedmaster Pro before, I’ve worn one daily for the last 10-11 years. And as much as I love this watch I still have trouble reconciling a Speedmaster with an automatic movement, a date window, and one with only two chronograph registers. At least they didn’t call it “professional.” I realize there have been sever popular non-Professional Speedmasters over the years. In fact, the Legendary Chuck Maddox personally considered the 376.0822 his ‘grail’ Speedmaster, it used the Lemania 5100 automatic movement.

Anyway, enjoy the review and pics, and consider this new model. it looks beautiful, and movement is absolutely first-rate.

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