When And Where Should I “Buy Local?”

I’ve posted about the “buy local” phenomenon several times before. Links below.

[ Be sure to listen to the podcast: Dr. Boudreaux on the Economics of “Buy Local” ]

Uncrate is one of my favorite Web sites for cool gear and gadgets. The other day I saw a post about a product called Otter Wax for canvas. Looks slick. But then I see this in the post:

“Locally crafted in Portland, OR.”

As this product is advertised all over the U.S., and the world, I’m left a bit puzzled. As I’m not in Portland or anywhere near it, should that make me want the product less, or more? This “locality” would supposedly be a boon for those in the Portland area. But should I be instead buying a competitor’s product that is local to me? How local? My state? County? Town? Neighborhood/street?

As an aside, what are we to make of companies who advertise their products as “local” then offer to ship them all over the country and world? (N.B. While the Otter Wax Web site does claim their products are made in Portland, they don’t use the term “local” from what I can see.)

In spite of all of the above, I can still see myself buying some of this stuff.

And one of my fav. videos … “Is It Local?” from Portlandia:

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