What About Poorer School Districts Elsewhere?

Here in Rochester there is much concern over the fact that taxpayers in the suburbs have more money than those in the city of Rochester proper. For years the city’s politicians have been working to get their hands into the pockets of suburban taxpayers.

The recent article from the local paper (which has sadly become little more than a collectivist dishrag and shill for any politician with a ‘D’ next to his or her name) below pulls out all the stops in its cry for justice.

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But what should be done? Should we redistribute (i.e. steal) wealth between school districts to fix this cosmic injustice? Between counties? Why should this solution stop at the county level? Why not entire states? Or even nations? Is it fair that the poorest school district in the U.S. has far more financial resources for education than many schools around the world? Should we send RCSD money to poorer nations to fix the iniquity? I don’t ask these questions to be sarcastic or provocative, but rather as a catalyst for thought.

Rural students suffer under New York state aid losses – Democrat and Chronicle: Imagine a public school district that doesn’t offer kindergarten or athletics and has so few elective classes that high school juniors and seniors only attend school for half a day.

Meanwhile, in a different district in the same state, elementary school students learn six foreign languages and high-schoolers have their pick of more than 200 elective courses — including 30 Advanced Placement courses — and can get in-school training from voice coaches for the Metropolitan Opera.

The scenario isn’t far-fetched, and it’s one New York school officials say inches closer every day that the state Legislature doesn’t remedy disparities in education aid that hurt poorer school districts and their students in favor of their wealthier counterparts.

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    It strikes me that the Left (at least ostensibly) thinks of money and the notion of a “fair distribution” of it, in a similar way that conservatives think of the distribution of power.  Interesting, isn’t it, that the same folks who are certain that concentrating all power in a few hands (i.e., the State) is sure to lead to a utopia, but if some Americans have more money than others, it’s the end of civilization?