Why Be So Cruel, Why Not $50 / Hour?

As the The Freeman asks, why only $10 and not say $20, $50, or even $100 per hour?

If we can alleviate poverty by a mere stroke of the pen, why leave people still struggling with only $10/hour? While they’re at it, why not just make everyone at least middle-class? Seems arbitrary and cruel.

San Francisco Decrees $10 Minimum Wage – The Freeman: “Come New Year’s Day, . . . San Francisco makes history by becoming the first city in the nation to scale a $10 minimum wage. The city’s hourly wage for its lowest-paid workers will hit $10.24, more than $2 above the California minimum wage and nearly $3 more than the working wage set by the federal government.” (via USA Today)

See below for much more on the minimum-wage.

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  • John

    I’m afraid some people will sincerely agree with your sarcasm.

    • http://pretenseofknowledge.com/ speedmaster

      Hehe, thanks, John. I bet you’re right.  :-)