Carrier IQ Scandal Round – Up (w/ Julian Assange Content)

Here are a bunch of links on this story. Carriers and manufacturers are distancing themselves from Carrier IQ faster than rats leaving a sinking ship. Carrier IQ looks to be a private company, but if it was were public, I’d short it. WAY short. These guys have terrible PR now and are persona non grata pretty much everywhere. ;-)

A few thoughts:
1. I’m surprised it took as long as it did to discover it
2. Apple’s response re: dropping the service in iOS 5 seems odd, something not quite right about it
3. Carrier IQ claims that they are only doing what the carriers and manufacturers want, the carriers and manufacturers are distancing themselves from the company and service, and pointing fingers elsewhere
4. What else don’t we know?
5. Even Julian Assange has commented on the scandal
6. I have always opted-out of the “Send Diagnostics & Usage” feature when setting-up a new iOS device, interesting to know now what it was, somewhat
7. Most the phone models with the software are running Android, and it sounds like the phones must be rooted to remove it
8. Some say that all PR is good PR, I think while that’s often this case, this is one example to the contrary

Even after all of the official statements (from carriers, manufacturers, and Carrier IQ), press-releases, and alleged coming-clean, it’s still not quite clear to me who was using Carrier IQ, and for what, exactly. (pic via Wiki)

Even attention-loving politicians are taking the opportunity to “get involved

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Additional links:
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