Remember The Rockford Files?

One of my fav. TV shows from the 70s. I’ve been watching the episodes on Netflix over the last month, about 30 episodes in. Get season one on DVD. (pic via Flickr)

[show trivia]

Things I see now that I didn’t way back then. First, Rockford drives a Pontiac Firebird, and he wears what I think is a Heuer Carrera.

[Garner was one of those guys who made smoking look cool]

I’ve been a James Garner fan since The Great Escape. Garner was also into auto racing, much like Steve McQueen.

[you can watch some episodes on Hulu]

And don’t forget that Garner was a bit of a bad-@ss back in the day.

There’s a great deal of info, and some nice pics on Tumblr:
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rockford files – Tumblr

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