Wristwatch Updates: MB&F Legacy Machine 1, De Bethune DB28, & MUCH More!

A TON of great stuff today. ;-) (pic via aBlogToRead)

This retro Omega Memomatic from 1975  is sweet. And this Seiko ‘Fifty Three Fathoms’ is one I have on my short-list. be sure not to miss the Visit To The OMEGA Museum In Bienne. Sam has a sweet JLC on the way. A beautiful vintage Autavia GMT pic. Someone got a shiny new Ulysse Nardin.

Watch the MB&F Legacy Machine 1 in action. The new Aquadive looks slick. (retro Aquadive)

Glashutte Original Sixties Square Tourbillon Watch: The funkiest straightforward tourbillon watch for 2011 might just be this limited edition Sixties Square Tourbillon from Glashutte Original. The 41mm by 41mm wide square cushion style watch case is great looking and the execution of the flying tourbillon just seems like a nice icing on the cake afterthought. It is as though the entire watch was done but it had a subsidiary seconds dial so someone said, “hey, I bet a flying tourbillon would look good in there!” (of course in a German accent), and it was settled.

Hands on with the MB&F Legacy Machine 1 – Monochrome Watches: Our new contributor Ian Ellery, shares his hands-on experience with Max Busser’s latest creation, the MB&F Legacy Machine 1. And we added some of the beautiful photos made by Peter Chong.

De Bethune DB28 Wins Geneva Grand Prix Watch Of The Year, We Go Hands-On (GALLERY) – HODINKEE: No less than one hour ago, the 11th Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix (GPHG) took place in grande fashion. These are essentially the Oscars of watchmaking. The winner? The watch you see above – the absolutely awesome De Bethune DB28. So what is the DB28 exactly?

Initial Impressions: MK II Sea Fighter: Thanks to the good folks at MK II Watches, Zach and I recently received the newest (and final) iteration of the Sea Fighter for review. Initially released in 2008, the Sea Fighter is based on a Swiss-made German combat diver from the 1970s and features a Swiss ETA 2836-2 automatic movement.

Ochs und Junior Watches: One of my heroes in watchmaking is a man named Ludwig Oechslin. He’s the genius behind ultra-complicated watches such as the Ulysse Nardin Trilogy Set, the amazing UN Freak in addition to minimal classics such as the MIH watch. Recently, he the younger Beat Weinmann started a new company, Ochs and Junior (Och und Junior) and their watches are breathtakingly different from anything else out there.

Scales: Measuring More Than Time – Calibre 11: Scales. Indispensable to the obsessive cook, but also something that has clinched the sale of a few watches over the years too. Some scales are more or less essential, like the days marked around the outside of the dial on a perpetual calendar.

Junghans For Bench and Loom Automatic Watch – Selectism.com: Germany’s Junghans works a special configuration for their Chronoscope automatic for Bench & Loom. The chronoscope “is named for its famous designer, the Bauhaus-educated Swissman Max Bill who was renowned for his perfection of proportions.” Its a big one at 43mm on the stainless steel casing. Well done.

James Bond Rolex from Live & Let Die Sells for $198,000: The Rolex “Sawtooth Submariner” [Modified Reference 5513] that Roger Moore wore in the 1973 James Bond movie titled Live and Let Die just sold for $198,00 at Christies Auction House. Live and Let Die was the first James Bond film to star Roger Moore. Of course you can learn just about everything having to do with James Bond Rolex watches in “The James Bond Rolex Story.”

Carry All 24 Hours, All At Once: If there’s one particular style of watches I’ve not given much attention to, it would be the 24 hour style. It’s just never grabbed my attention before; for some reason, though, it’s started coming up on my radar. I knew I had seen one when I was looking into Glycine watches for previous posts, so that’s where I went for today’s writeup.

What A Machine… What A Masterpiece! The Legacy Masterpiece 1 by MB&F: The official name is Legacy Machine 1… unofficially i will call it the Legacy Masterpiece 1 ;) the horological machines birthed from the mind of Max Busser and realised by a great team of artists and artisans have always been a marvel to behold. the best person to introduce the Legacy 1 though is Max himself so do follow the link that follows to a great video where the man shares about horological machines and legacy machines and some of the genius behind this piece …

Review: The Speedmaster Moonwatch Co-Axial Chronograph Speeds Into My Heart: In the pantheon of mechanical wristwatches, the Speedmaster holds a high place. Originally built in 1957 as a reaction to the first wrist-worn chronographs coming out of competing houses, the iconic design – white on black with bold, eminently readable chapter rings and pips – the Speedmaster cemented its place in history when Buzz Aldrin wore his on the moon in 1969. Omega has been flogging that relationship ever since, much to the brand’s benefit and Speedmaster fans rabidly hunt for new and old models like madmen intent on owning stars.

After 125 Years, “Poinçon de Genève” Tries to re-invent itself and Bet on the future (And everything you need to know about the “Hallmark of Geneva”..: “Poinçon de Genève” or translated as “Hallmark of Geneva” or just commonly referred to as “Geneva Seal” is considered by most as a standard of excellence in movement decoration and an emblem of Genevan watchmaking.

Girard-Perregaux ww.tc Shadow Watch Review: The 24 hour scale ring that goes around the dial moves like a GMT hand. It make a full revolution each 24 hours and is connected to the passing of the time. Think of it as a synchronized GMT hand. When you use it in combination with time zone reference city ring, you can know the time (based on the 24 time zone scale) all over the world.

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