Monday Grab Bag of Links …

Architecture.  (pic via CoolBoom)
Galician Traditional House
Bonaire House
Vault Room in Belgium
SN House by Studio Guilherme Torres
Sunken Pedestrian Bridge in Netherlands
After the Final Curtain: Abandoned Theaters
Wonderful Slightly Slanted Residence in Poland
Jaw-Dropping Views and Supreme Seclusion on the Coast
Oklahoma Case Study House

Fountain Pens / Writing.
Kaweco Sport Classic fountain pen review
Designing a Moleskine pen – Moleskine
A trip to Da Vinci Artist Supply
Dave’s Mechanical Pencils: Lamy Packaging
Omas Arte Italiana Celluloid Milord In Wild Pattern
Montblanc Edgar Allan Poe-review

Browser Wars: Chrome vs. IE9 vs. Firefox

Turtles Eating Things

Helson Blackbeard Chronograph Watch Review
The Speedmaster Moonwatch Co-Axial Chronograph Speeds Into My Heart
Hands On With The MB&F LM1: The Coolest Watch You’ll See Today
Hautlence HLq and HLq Classic explained
5 Watches for the Stylish Time Traveler
Initial Impressions: Christopher Ward C9 Harrison Jumping Hour
Seiko 130th Anniversary Exhibition in Singapore
Breaking news: Changes to Geneva Seal announced

The Costliest Bubble – Forbes

Gear / Gadgets / Kit.
These Keychain Multi-Tools Prove That Nothing Is Cooler Than Milled Titanium
The Most Badass-looking Wrist-mounted Crossbow You Will See All Day

Irish Beef Stew (Slow Cooker)
Egg shell brownie
I’ve Tried, But I’m Not a Wine Snob

Keep your job for five years, get $50,000

Wonders of the Pacific Northwest, November 2011 (photo set)
Komodo National Park: Where Dragons Still Rule [35 PICS]
Photos: The 85th Anniversary of U.S. Route 66
Canon Powershot S100 Lightning Review: One Hell of a Camera, One Hell of a Flaw

Style / Shoes.
Ask the MB: Shirt and Tie With No Jacket
Tricker’s for End Hunting Co. Two Tone Long Wing Brogue
Manifold Destiny
Essex and Dublin
Alden Atom Blucher Re-Issue
Carhartt and soul: Workwear maker wants to be fashionable off the job, too

Homemade helicopters

Liberty / Govt.
Don Boudreaux: Why I Am A Libertarian – YouTube
Gitmo: “the most expensive prison on earth”
Government Goat Census Goes the Way of the Dodo
“The 99%” of Us Get Fined and Go to Jail for Insider Trading, But the Exempt “Political 1%” Can Get Rich
Obama: Crony Capitalist-in-chief

Toyota Landcruiser, NW – 13th & Davis, Portland
1929 Harley-Davidson Jet Engine Motorcycle
9 Rides Truly Wired Gearheads Love
Parker Brothers Does Daniel Simon’s Cosmic Detonator
Unmodified 1966 Volvo 1800S For Sale
Mercedes AMG: One Man, One Engine

7 “Hidden” iOS 5 Features You Might Have Missed [iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch]

Union Shenanigans.
Outright Theft by Public Unions
Evaluating the Costs and Remedies for Public Unions
The Public-Union Albatross

10 of the World’s Most Dangerous Animals and Where to Find Them
10 Cool Underground Hotels

How many cars were recycled last year? [Infographic]
San Francisco – a hipsters guide