Yet I Can’t Throw Out A Battery Or Burn Leaves …

How come I can’t throw out a battery or burn leaves, but the feds can do this on a massive scale? (pic via Wired)

Congressman: The Military’s Burn Pits Screwed Our Soldiers – “A few months after he came home from Iraq, the Sergeant started having trouble breathing, and noticed numbness in his feet and hands. The military doctors he saw blamed his smoking habit: At 27-years-old, he’d been indulging in half a pack a day for five years. The Pentagon swore that the noxious smoke emanating from the military’s open-air burn pits — massive heaps of household trash, computer parts and even human waste that were used at bases in Iraq until last year, and are still being used in Afghanistan — weren’t at all responsible. ‘We all knew that huge plumes of smoke going into the air, all the time, can’t exactly be good for you,’ says the Sergeant, who requested anonymity because he fears reprisal from his commanding officers. … Indeed, the Sergeant, who has since been diagnosed with a degenerative neurological disorder and chronic respiratory infections, isn’t alone: Thousands of recently returned troops are coming down with myriad ailments, including respiratory problems, cancer and neurological defects, that many suspect were caused by the pits.”

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