A Few Random Morning Links …

Check out This Adirondack Great Camp in Long Lake

Solidifying A Home’s Connection to Nature

2900-Mile 1960 BMW Isetta 300 For Sale

Stunning in-the-flesh pics of the Breguet La Tradition

Levi Strauss Tries to Minimize Water Use – NYTimes.com

Making the Grade: Why the Cheapest Maple Syrup Tastes Best

CanIStream.It Quickly Shows If and Where You Can Stream That Movie

Stephen Colbert Takes on Occupy Wall Street

Paper Mate Gel Pen 0.7mm Green Ink

NASA confirms satellite hacks

Thomas Sowell on Payday Loans

The Rise of the One-Trick Restaurant

Check Out This Totally Awesome-Looking Car-Shaped House

Just grabbed “8mm Vintage Camera” for the iPhone, now I can shoot my own Zapruder films …

Stephen Colbert Takes on Occupy Wall Street

25 Vintage Ads Depicting Blatant Sexism

House Hoefman in the Netherlands

Mello Yello Animated River Journey

“Capitalism has failed”

Ktarian Chocolate Puff

Noodler’s Blue Nose Bear Ink – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

DIY unmanned airship soars 95,000 feet above Earth, lays claim to new record (video)

Skillet Rosemary Chicken

Conklin Nozac Red/Silver Herringbone

Dis-tainability at the Univ. of Rochester

Steampunk knife

Bodum Coffee & Tea Maker by Sunny Ting Wai Wong

Three groovy offers – Thanks, The Seventies!

  • http://www.beckiswholelife.com Becki Jacobs

    I’m cracking up at the Colbert Report snippet…that is hilarious – and scary at the same time.  Also, is it bad that I think the vintage ads are funny??

    • http://pretenseofknowledge.com/ speedmaster

      I love the retro stuff, too. And the Colbert piece was great, those two were exposed as complete crackpots.  ;-)