What’s Up With iPhone 4S / iOS 5 Battery Woes, and INVALID SIM?

UPDATE (11.2.11 6:45pm): Looks like Apple is on the case and a fix or fixes are coming. (more)

UPDATE (11.6.11 4:30pm): Last Thursday and Friday I got the Invalid SIM message two more times on my 4S. I did purchase AppleCare+ for the phone. Yesterday the boy and I went to the Apple Store for an appointment at the Genius Bar. They were great, took a look at the phone and gave me a new one, no questions asked. Looks good, so far.  ;-) (also see: Apple releases iOS 5.0.1 beta 2 to developers)

Over the last week or so, since the recent launch of the iPhone 4s, we’ve seen a large number of reports and complaints about the battery of the new iPhone 4S. But is it the 4S hardware? Or iOS5? Or a pairing of the two? Maybe it’s iCloud?

[iPhone 4S Battery Woes: Where is the Outrage?]

Google Trends shows the recent uptick in chatter. Though we’re not at the point of AntennaGate just yet. (more)

Some people have found relief by disabling some location services and/or disabling the automatic time zone update. Many others still have no resolution. Yet others have gone to great lengths to reset, restore, and more.

I haven’t experienced any of the drastic battery problems some people describe, but as I sit here Tuesday evening writing this post my 4S all of a sudden went silent and now displays “INVALID SIM!” Great. Update: Just got off the phone with AppleCare+. A Google search tells me I’m not alone w/ this problem. I toggled Airplane Mode on, then rebooted the phone, then turned Airplane mode off. The 4S then found the ATT network and so far has been working. I guess this is another potential item for iOS 5.0.x?

The official Apple support forum shows a looong thread on the topic, as of this writing 190 pages and 2,843 posts! I suspect it won’t be long before we see iOS 5.0.1 or something similar.

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  • Griff

    I think it is iOS 5. I updated my iPhone 4 and it has surprised me a couple of times by running out of power in the early evening. Before, I only charged it while I slept.