Interesting Thoughts on Climate Change

Not mine, some other guy’s. The title is a little over-the-top. But I think his comments are worth considering, at least add them to the discussion.

And I realize climatology is not the same thing as meteorology, but I still struggle with the idea that we can’t accurately predict the weather five days out, but you can tell me it will be 1.2° warmer in 100 years.

I don’t deny it. But I’m open to the idea that the majority of it may not be human-induced. I’m worried that even if it is human-induced, it may not be as bad as we’ve been told, and could even be beneficial. And I’m skeptical of the ways we’ve been told to fight it.

Why I Deny Global Warming by David Deming: Have you ever considered how difficult it is to take the temperature of the planet Earth? What temperature will you measure? The air? The surface of the Earth absorbs more than twice as much incident heat from the Sun than the air. But if you measure the temperature of the surface, what surface are you going to measure? The solid Earth or the oceans? There is twice as much water as land on Earth. If you decide to measure water temperature, at what depth will you take the measurements? How will the time scale on which the deep ocean mixes with the shallow affect your measurements? And how, pray tell, will you determine what the average water temperature was for the South Pacific Ocean a hundred years ago? How will you combine air, land, and sea temperature measurements? Even if you use only meteorological measurements of air temperature, how will you compensate for changes in latitude, elevation, and land use?

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