• Michael E. Marotta

    … now known by its subtitle: “Free Not to Choose.”
    I do note that in her chat, Ms. Bowoski included inter-racial marriage along with gay marriage, drugs, and rock music.  I find that disturbing. 
    Also, it is hard to imagine for whom rock music would be disturbing.  You can hear compositions by Sir Paul McCartney on your classical radio station.  Mick Jagger is pushing 70.  Rap and Alternative (“New” music) were the last new twists, almost 30 years ago now.  World music such as Afro-Celtic is another craze, again, nearly a full generation old.  Perhaps Ms. Borowski watches Lawrence Weld reruns on the Family Channel, as is her inalienable right.
    I get the point.  You can have any personal values you choose – and disapprove of any, as well – as long as you do not sanction state power to enforce your or deny those of others. But what kind of a libertarian takes the road well traveled? 

    • http://pretenseofknowledge.com/ speedmaster

      Michael, those exact things jumped out at me a bit, too. I cringed. But I think she was lumping a bunch of recent changes in culture together. I don’t think she meant it to sound that way.