Wristwatch Updates: Seiko Quartz Astron, Orange Hand Rolex, & More!

D@mn, I want one of these new Rolex GMT Explorer IIs with the orange hand. And let’s see some BIG/Heavy watches.  How about a roundup of ETA-Unitas 6497/6498-based watches? And Moments in Time is fantastic. A yellow Seiko Sumo?

Thanks very much to Tom at TheWatchSite for the Seiko pic and review!

Seiko Quartz Astron Commemorative Edition S23617J1 Mini Review: Something a bit different from the norm arrived this week in this Seiko Quartz Astron 40th Anniversary Commemorative Edition. I’d been looking out for a GS with the 9F62 movement (the 9F being the most high end Seiko quartz movement so far and one which has no doubt been discussed here a few times) but the opportunity to bag an unworn example of one of these came up so I had to take it, despite only ever having seen them in photos

Review: Vostok Amphibia Automatic Watch: Back around 1999 I bought a Vostok from Harbor Freight Tools for $18 new. Odd that they carried them, but whatever. That one had the paratrooper on a green dial. It came on a (really crappy) leather strap. It was an $18 automatic watch, kind of amazing, really. I eventually got bored with it and sold it on eBay a few years ago for maybe $25.

A Very Wonderful Clock from the OTHER Confiscated German Factory: Everybody knows that when the Russians occupied Glashutte at the end of the 2nd World War, they packed up the Tutima Factory and moved it to Moscow, where it continued to produce the Type-59 chronograph under the 1st Moscow Watch Factory signature.

Photoessay: The rare Panerai Mare Nostrum: Here’s something you don’t see every day! I was recently lucky enough to have some lens time with this rare beauty: a pre-Vendome Officine Panerai Mare Nostrum chronograph. Only 500 were made.

Bremont MBII: The Watch I Took to the Bottom of the Grand Canyon – Forbes: The model I tried, the MBII, is a pilot’s watch that is named—perhaps unnervingly to a pilot—for Martin-Baker, the world’s largest manufacturer of ejection seats. In fact, Bremont makes a companion watch, the MBI, that’s available only to those lucky pilots who have actually bailed using one of Martin-Baker’s products. Those of us who don’t plan on flying a fighter jet anytime soon can satisfy ourselves with the knowledge that the MBII has been tested in live ejector seat firings at the Martin-Baker factory.

SCUBAWATCH.ORG VOSTOK AMPHIBIA: Referred to as the “ministry” case, this style amphiba was first produced with dials commemorating various  Russian ministries.

Porsche Design P’6620 Dashboard Chronograph Watch: While I have been giving Porsche Design a lot of positive attention for their retro-themed releases lately, this is a new model that is modern looking all around. Part of the P’6000 Dashboard collection this model is the P’6620 Dashboard Chronograph and comes in a slew of colors and styles.

Aquastar – The Watch Spot: Produced between 1962 and 1972, this was Aquastar’s first diving watch, the model name “Benthos” coming from Greek for ‘the bottom of the sea’ and “500″ being the depth in meters to which the watch is water resistant. When first released, the Benthos was the first diving watch to use round as opposed to flat gaskets which significantly improved water resistance.

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