How Do We Measure Sustainability?

What does that even mean? This brief column is excellent, and has a great finish. (ht: Dr. Newmark)

The Hollow Halo of Sustainability: “RALEIGH — The word sustainable is everywhere. Federal, state, and local governments have invoked it as a policy goal. Universities are offering courses, degrees, and entire programs in the subject. But whatever you want to call it — sustainable growth, sustainable development, or just sustainability — it is an idea that is perfect for ideological banner waving or promoting a political agenda, but operationally meaningless as a guide to enhance human welfare. … Indeed, devotees of sustainability are so void of any kind of rigor in their thinking that they often advocate for conflicting goals without even recognizing it. For example, it’s common for the same people to argue simultaneously in favor of “sustainable energy” policies, typically solar and wind power, and “sustainable land-use” policies, meaning high-density, i.e., congested, living and land preservation.”