Why Is The Tappan Zee Bridge Where It Is?

A very enlightening look at the way sausage is made, and government works. Consider this reason #14,933,201 almost everything is better in the private sector. Thanks to Dr. Mark Perry for the link. (pic via Wiki)

[Note that this problem with govt. is not new, do read about the Myth of the Great Railroad Meetup]

A Big Bridge In The Wrong Place : Planet Money : NPR: The Port Authority — the body that proposed putting the bridge further south — had a monopoly over all bridges built in a 25-mile radius around the Statue of Liberty. If the bridge had been built just a bit south of its current location — that is, if it had been built across a narrower stretch of the river — it would have been in the territory that belonged to the Port Authority. As a result, the Port Authority — not the State of New York — would have gotten the revenue from tolls on the bridge. And Dewey needed that toll revenue to fund the rest of the Thruway. So Dewey was stuck with a three-mile-long bridge. Today, the Tappan Zee is in bad shape, and the State of New York is looking into fixing or replacing it. But none of the proposals would move the bridge to a narrower spot on the river. It’s too late now: Highways and towns have grown up based on the bridge’s current location. We’re stuck with a long bridge at one of the widest spots in the river. The repairs are expected to cost billions of dollars.