W&W Reviews the Bulova 96A102 Commemorative Hack Watch

Thanks to Zach of Worn and Wound for permission to use his text and pics!

I’ve had my eye on this watch and it seem like a nice retro piece. It has a plastic/acrylic crystal, which I like. And the case diameter is a perfect 40mm. Water resistant to 3om, and quartz-powered. Get it at Amazon with a canvas strap for just over $80 shipped. Or with a black finish and strap for under $110.

Do head over to Worn and Wound to see Zach’s pics and review.

worn&wound – Review: Bulova 96A102 Commemorative Hack Watch: “Having worn this watch for several weeks now, I can straight up just say that it is a great and pleasurable watch to wear. As I said in my initial impressions, part of what drew me to this watch was simply the overall value of it. Good brand, great look and a seconds-sub dial (which one does not see often in this price range) for under $100. How can you go wrong? Well, of course the build quality could be mediocre. That’s not the case here; the Bulova is a very nicely built and sturdy watch. Maybe the strap is a piece of garbage? Nope. I love the strap that it came with. It is perfectly styled for the watch, very nicely constructed and extremely comfortable. Umm…maybe it keeps bad time? Once again, no: it is powered by a Japanese quartz (Miyota) and is as reliable as I could ever need. Basically, it all comes down to looks, and I love the way it looks.”