What The Heck Is The Honda NCZ 50 Motocompo?!

Never saw one of these before, but it’s clearly crazy-retro-cool. Want. (pic via TY)

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Bike in a Box: Honda NCZ 50 Motocompo For Sale: “The Honda Motocampo was designed and marketed as a scooter which could be easily stowed in the rear of a sub-compact car, enabling the owner an extra degree of freedom by taking his bike along for the ride. Sold from 1981-1983, this cute oddity was available in Japan only and was a sales disappointment for Honda. It has, of course, become a cult favorite. This edition is in terrific condition and listed with just 100 miles. … The Motocompo was powered by an air-cooled 49cc 2-stroke motor, good for 2.5 horsepower @5000 RPM and 3 ft-lbs of torque. There’s a single-speed automatic clutch transmission and ignition is provided via kick-start. The exhaust pipe is hidden behind one of the flat side panels, preserving the bike’s sleek rectangular design. The scooter can go for well over 100 miles per gallon, with some reports of 120 mpg. Whether those would be a comfortable 120 miles is unclear, though perhaps unlikely.”

  • Ccouvaris

    There even was a model of the couple, in 1:43 scale from Japanese Ebbro.
    Look under Honda, then Oldies, in 3 different colors
    CITY w/ Motocompo 1981

    CITY w/ Motocompo 1981

    CITY w/ Motocompo 1981