Review: Tombow AirPress Ballpoint Pen

This is a follow-up to a post from last week: Review: Uni-ball Power Tank Ballpoint Pen. The first thing to do, after reading the Power Tank review, is to read Brad’s Tombow AirPress review at the Pen Addict.

If you recall, the Uni-ball Power Tank is a pen that uses a pressurized cartridge that allows it to write upside-down and on nearly anything. It’s a competitor to the famous Fisher Space Pens.

[You can find all of the Tombow AirPress pens at JetPens]

The Tombow AirPress is similar to the Power Tank and Fisher Space Pens, but it one-ups them in the nifty gadget category. The AirPress’s cartridge is indeed pressurized, but the user charges it each time he/she clicks the button. Unnecessarily gimmicky? Check. But crazy cool and fun? Double check.  ;-)

Part of me is a little concerned that if you’re one of those people who can sit in a boring meeting and click his pen hundreds of time out of habit, it might explode in your lap. But I bet that won’t happen. Also, the pen is a very manageable size,  not nearly as long as it appears in many pics.

Here some pics (click to see full-size). I had my daughter write out the beginning of A Tale of Two Cities.

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