Debt Limits and Drug Addicts …

Think of the country, or at least the federal govt., as a serious alcoholic or drug addict.

Many of us who believe that a smaller federal govt. is the right way to go (morally, economically, & Constitutionally), want to see the drug addict cut-off from his fix. There is no question that in the short term this will cause discomfort. For the drug addict this would be sweats, pain, the DTs, the whole enchilada. Certainly unpleasant. For an economy, this cutting of the size of the federal budget would cause some short-term displacement and shuffling of resources. But I firmly believe would make us better off in the not-so-distant future.

[Do You Think We Have a Spending Problem?]

The alternative is to let the addict continue his addict ways. While this will make him feel better in the near-term than quitting, it is clearly worse for him in the long-run. But the situation is even worse than that, in the case of the federal government, the spending is not just static at an obscene amount, which would be bad enough. It actually continues to grow at an alarming rate.

[This is no more than a disgusting political stunt]

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    Maybe we should send our elected officials, on our dimes of course, to those vomit camps I just read about in Thailand …

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