Review: Uni-ball Power Tank Ballpoint Pen – Writes Upside-Down!

Brad at The Pen Addict has mentioned these pens several times over the last couple of years and I’ve been wanting to try one. In fact, he recently posted a cool video review of this pen. And see what the Office Supply Geek did to them (also, parts 1 and 2)! (pic via JetPens)

Here’s the background: for some time the Fisher Space Pen, in various designs, has been the final word (well, the only word) in ballpoint pens that write on wet surfaces, upside-down, and even in very cold temperatures. It’s really the charged ink cartridge that makes the magic with the Fisher Space Pens, and they can fit them into what seems like dozens of different pen styles, some capless, some not.

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Over the last few years a bunch of other pen manufacturers have begun making so-called “tactical” pens made from heavy stainless-steel that double as weapons. Most of them come with and use the well-known Fisher Space Pen refills.

Examples of these tactical pens:
UZI-TACPEN1-GM Tactical Defender Pen
Smith & Wesson SWPENBK Tactical Pen
Schrade SCPENG Tactical Pen, Grey (and in Black)
“Rite in the Rain” Weatherproof Tactical Clicker Pen

The Fisher products are okay, the refills do write in harsh conditions and seem to last forever, but they are very rough to write with, pretty much unusable if you’re normally a fountain pen user, and they smudge, a lot. Now Uni-ball has a product that works in a similar manner but is much cheaper. They call their pen technology the Power Tank.

I bought the Uni-ball Power Tank in blue, the 0.7mm version. It’s also available in red. Refills are available in several colors and both 0.7mm and 1.0mm. Part of me wishes I bought the 1.0mm.

[Next I want to try the Tombow AirPress]

Here some pics (click to see full-size). I had my daughter write out the beginning of A Tale of Two Cities. While the writing experience in general would be considered okay, not bad but nothing terrible exciting, it’s really excellent when you compare it to the Fisher Space Pen refills. And The Uni-ball products are quite a bit cheaper, too. Recommended!!!

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