Milton Friedman Left Us an Rx to “Fix” Healthcare

This is from a few years ago. It’s rather long, comprehensive, and well-worth your time. He deals with both the demand and supply sides of the issue.

How to Cure Health Care –  Milton Friedman – Hoover Institution: “The United States spends a mind-boggling percentage of its GDP on a health care system that virtually everyone agrees is a disaster. Is there any way out of this mess? There is—and Hoover fellow Milton Friedman has found it. Since the end of World War II, the provision of medical care in the United States and other advanced countries has displayed three major features: first, rapid advances in the science of medicine; second, large increases in spending, both in terms of inflation-adjusted dollars per person and the fraction of national income spent on medical care; and third, rising dissatisfaction with the delivery of medical care, on the part of both consumers of medical care and physicians and other suppliers of medical care.”