A Libertarian Conversion Story …

In this linked column about Ron Paul and libertarianism is a wonderful explanation of libertarianism, as well as a conversion story.

Note that all laws are ultimately enforced with physical violence, at the muzzle of a gun. This is a good read. (see here for highlights in yellow)

Can Ron Paul Really Be Right About Everything? by Tom Mullen: “This is the great truth that hides on plain site under every human being’s nose. It is relatively simple to come to this conclusion once dispassionate logic is applied. In order to do so, one must disengage the deep, emotional attachments that almost everyone has developed to some or all government activity. Once you get someone to that point and they are truly ready to reason, they will come to the libertarian conclusion every time. To the genuinely interested and rational person, only one question is necessary:
What if you do not cooperate?

I cannot count how many times I have asked this question and received in response not a blank stare, but a thoughtful one. You can see the wheels turning. Sometimes they will begin to speak, then stop themselves while they think some more. They are looking for a hole in the theory. They are unable to find one. They are genuinely interested in either proving or disproving your argument. By that time, you have won. For those who do not immediately “see the light,” you can pick any government action and walk them through that reasoning process through dialectic:

You: Suppose that I do not wish to participate in Medicare and withhold only that percentage of my payroll taxes that would otherwise go to fund it. In return, I agree not to make use of any of the Medicare benefits. What will happen to me?

Him/Her: You will be charged with income tax evasion.

You: What if I don’t answer the charge?

Him/Her: You will be arrested.

You: What if I do not agree to submit to the arrest?

Him/Her: You will be physically forced to submit.

You: And if I resist further?

Him/Her: (reluctantly) You will be killed.

You: So, you now agree that we are forced to participate in Medicare under the threat of violence, correct?

Him/Her: (Even more reluctantly) Yes.”