Only In Govt. Can They Lose Money on Highway Robbery

Only in govt. can they have a legal monopoly on armed highway robbery (literally), and still lose money on it. (pic via Nick Ut  / AP)

Challenges to red light cameras span US – US news – Life – “Los Angeles hasn’t been so lucky. The city gets only a third of the revenue generated by camera citations, many of which go unpaid anyway because judges refuse to enforce them, the city controller’s office reported last year. It found in an audit that if you add it all up, operating the cameras has cost $1 million to $1.5 million a year more than they’ve generated in fines, even as ‘the program has not been able to document conclusively an increase in public safety.'”

  • Benjaminapier

    My Constitution says I have a right to face my accuser and to question him. THese cameras are a direct violation of that Constitution. ANd, when the ineffectiveness is added in, another true example of government boondoggle.