Dr. Boudreaux Flips On The Bozo Bit For Krugman

I’ve long said that Krugman years ago ceased to be a legitimate honest, unbiased economist, and as become little more than a leftist/collectivist shill.

Dr. Boudreaux gets to the heart of the matter, and rightly flips the Bozo Bit to “on.”

As an aside, here’s something about the economics profession that bothers me.  A mathematician who claimed that 1+1=3 would rightly be called a nut and no one would take him or her seriously. But someone with a PhD. who calls for the minimum-wage and other price controls can still be called an economist.

Krugman Channels Trump: “Paul Krugman writes about “the middle years of the last decade” that “Manufacturing, once America’s greatest strength, seemed to be in terminal decline” (“Making Things in America,” May 20). The host of a reality-tv show can be forgiven for this misperception about manufacturing, but a Princeton economist cannot.”

Calling Dr. Krugman….: “Paul Krugman writes that “Crucially, the manufacturing trade deficit seems to be coming down” (“Making Things in America,” May 20). Why is this fact “crucial”? A dollar’s worth of exported services buys just as many imports – one dollar’s worth – as does a dollar’s worth of exported manufactured goods. Mr. Krugman, a trade specialist, should recognize this reality.”