1950s Era Pics of Rochester, NY … Can You Help?

Fun to look at these old pics, and lots of them.

Magnum Arts: Found Slides, A Life Remembered: “This is a very special post, resulting from my purchase of a vintage slide projector at a St. Petersburg thrift store. In the base of the slide projector were two trays of forgotten color slides taken in the 1950s of a family in a blue collar, working class neighborhood somewhere in America the Rochester NY area. I do not know who the people in the slides are, but looking at them is like stepping back in time, a time of postwar prosperity when America was at its greatest, when people had good paying jobs that allowed them to buy nice homes and big American cars; cars had style and personality back then, unlike the drab rolling appliances we drive today. Looking at these pictures makes me kind of sad. Photography is about capturing moments that are gone forever, and the children in the pictures are grown up now, and probably have children of their own. I wish I knew what their names were, and who they really were, and what the story was behind each of these pictures. The 501st Legion’s Florida and Excelsior Garrisons have been helping with research, to try to discover who these families could be, and I have been receiving e-mails from people in the Rochester area who have given me valuable clues. All of us would like to see that these wonderful images be returned to the families’ descendants. You can help! If you recognize anyone or any places in these pictures, or have any clues, please e-mail me at magnumarts1@gmail.com.”

  • http://twitter.com/CreamAle Daron

    ┬áDarn I looked at those on my phone and didn’t realize it was Rochester how cool!