A Few Random Morning Links …

Architecture: (pic via DM)
Modern Japanese-Inspired Residence
Green Concept Home
Villa Rotterdam by Ooze
Unique Circular Residence on the Coast of Japan
Casa de La Flora Resort
Harrison Street Residences
Katameya Heights Residence

Cool and Innovative Alarm Clocks

Massive Real Life Version of Angry Birds!

Infuse Your Booze: 5 Easy Steps to Better Flavored Vodka (or Gin, or Tequila)

May 17, 1970: Thor Heyerdahl sets sail with his crew from Safi, Morocco, aboard Ra II

DIY Lasers Are Irresistibly Dangerous

How is Apple’s iPhone 4 like a Swiss Watch?

Vacheron Constantin – Atelier Cabinotiers – Two Unique Pieces
INDUSTRY NEWS – Antiquorum Offers Unique Minute-Repeating Audemars Piguet & Vacheron Constantin Wristwatches
A Time for Pocket Watches – WSJ
Clerc Hydroscaph GMT Watch Review
Kempt – The First Watch in Space
Grand Seiko: Spring Drive SBGE001
Introducing the unique bespoke piece: Vladimir

Salted & Malted Chocolate Chip Cookies

Welcome to Pyongyang

Fourth Amendment No Longer a “Real” Right?

Aston Martin DB6 – Gitschiner Strasse, Berlin

Finding an Open Parking Spot With a Smartphone – NYTimes.com

14 Incredibly Awesome Cell Phone Accessories

Netflix Owns The Evening Web

Government’s Education Crooks – Stossel’s Take Blog