My Encounter With Royalty, Chaz Schumer Edition

Last Saturday the wife and I took the kids to RIT to see their Imagine event. It’s a massive public expo and demo of things engineering, mechanical, electronic, you name it. Kind of mind-blowing stuff going on there. The local TV news reported that 30,000 people attended, I can believe it, it was packed. (pic courtesy of Tom Giebel)

Not long after we arrived we sat in the fieldhouse bleachers while the kids put away some pizza. We were up above most of the crowd, stadium seating style, looking down on the dozens of exhibits and a couple thousand people below.

I see the crowd part and a small procession come through. What the heck is it? Then I see the entourage, and signs. It’s Senator Chuck Schumer! D@mn if I didn’t forget my camera! Schumer had a good sized entourage with him, maybe six people, could have been seven. They walked withing about 25 feet of me.

Here’s the best part, two of the entourage were carrying large signs or placards. White 3′ x 3′ signs that said “Meet Senator Chuck Schumer.” I swear to God if I hadn’t seen it myself I wouldn’t have believed it. As Schumer walked through the crowd shaking hands the entourage moved with him, giant oversize novelty signs on display.

Please note, the pic at right is not mine, and it is not from the RIT event. I found it at Flickr courtesy of Mr. Tom Giebel. But it is most definitely the same sign and the same size. Imagine Schumer walking through the crowd, with numerous attendants in tow, two of them carrying these signs. The only thing missing was the great Senator being carried by his attendants in a litter or sedan chair, maybe eating grapes. (another look at the sign)

Ask yourself, do you think this is what the founding fathers had in mind?

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