Thoughts on the End of Osama bin Laden

Gotta admit, the news yesterday took me by surprise. Here are my thoughts on the topic from the last 36 hours: (pic: AP)

  1. I think the earth is most likely a better place with him gone.
  2. Can I now keep my shoes on at the airport?
  3. Cheering over the death of another human being bothers me a bit, even for a creature as despicable as OBL.
  4. The angle about the U.S. getting rid of the body before anyone even knew what happened seems a bit peculiar, and convenient. I’m not a conspiracy guy, and maybe there’s nothing more to the story, but it does strike me as odd.
  5. Do we get our liberties back? Can the TSA and Homeland Security be shut-down? Will we leave Afghanistan?
  6. First the White House claimed that OBL was shot while trying to defend himself with a gun. Then they changed the story to say that he had no weapon. The changing of the story is odd. And if the second version is true, wouldn’t shooting an unarmed man in the head be murder? Surely, without a weapon this 53 year-old man with many health problems would have been no match for Navy SEALs trying to take him into custody?
  7. Definitely read what the always astute Dr. Higgs has to say.

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  • Ike

    #6: There was the very real possibility that he had some type of explosive or booby-trap at the ready. He did have stuff sewn in his clothing, and had plenty of time to garb up in explosives.

  • admin

    Ike, that’s a fair point.