Yup, They Actually Said It: Newt Gingrich Edition

Today, thanks to the magnanimous Newt Gingrich, we have a “Yup, They Actually Said It” two-fer! (pic via Wiki)

First, he says that he only cheated on his wives because of his patriotism. (more) Not only does that seem like a non-sequitur, it may be the lamest excuse ever. And this is from a guy who once broke up with a girl in high school using the “it’s not you, it’s me” angle.

So you figure that this guy would lay low for a while? You would be mistaken.

A week later he comes out and decries ObamaCare (he’s right to do that … blind squirrel, nut, you know the story) but says he stand by his support of the Medicare Rx drug bill. The latter being a $7.2 trillion unfunded liability.

I am at a loss to understand how a person can logically support one and not the other … oh, wait, it was his guy in office when the Medicare Rx drug bill went through.

Watch these people closely. They are not to be trusted. It is in large part unscrupulous people like Gingrich that I am a libertarian and no longer a neo-con.

  • Rumpletweezer

    I had a lot of respect for Newt at one time, before he became Speaker. My wife wrangled me an invite to an event at which he was speaking. He had some good ideas.

    The way I remember it, he griped about his seat on Air Force One, lost the Speakership, and quit.

    He could have just said his indiscretions were moral failings and he'd learned from them, but instead he tries to spin them as virtues. He's done. He's nothing more than a Republican Bill Clinton.