Yup, They Actually Said It: Chaz Schumer On Bath Salts

Today we get a two-fer of Chuckie. First he wants to ban bath salts (that sound you hear is me flipping through my copy of the U.S. Constitution trying to find the authority for such a ban). Yes you read that right, ban bath salts. We have truly crossed over into the world of the ridiculous.

Schumer Calls Bath Salts Deadly Narcotics – 13WHAM.com: “Albany, N.Y. – Senator Charles Schumer is calling for a ban on bath salts. It comes just a week after reports of people snorting bath salts for a hallucination-inducing high.”

You might wonder, how can a U.S. Senator not know that there is no Constitutional authority for this? Well, take a look at the video below from a couple days ago, in which the senior Senator from New York explains … ‘We have three branches of government — A House, a Senate, a President …’

If you’re really impatient, skip ahead to the 1:00 mark and listen.
Dear Lord, didn’t this guy watch any Schoolhouse Rock in the 70s?!

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