Chuck Schumer: Maple Syrup Czar

Chaz Schumer once again puts his dreadful combination of arrogance and ignorance on public display.

A few thoughts on this …

Who owns these Maple Trees?
Schumer says, “Listen to this, we have 289 million maple trees in New York …” No, Chuck. WE don’t have 289 million maple trees. Every individual private land owner has the number that he/she owns on his/her private land. [barring land owned by NYS outright]

How many maple trees should be tapped? What is the correct price for maple syrup?
Chuck presumes to know the answers to these questions. Of course, he can’t. No one can.

Has Chuck run out of actual Constitutional duties?

Is there a better way? Do maple syrup producers have no other options to obtain access to all of these trees?
Part of the original concern looks to have been that maple syrup producers had no ability to access these tens of millions of untapped maple trees. That is clearly untrue. Nothing prevents anyone, company or individual, from approaching a landowner and asking to purchase the rights to harvesting syrup from the landowner’s trees. The market would determine the proper prices and amount of resources to allocate at various levels.

Is there a maple syrup clause in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution [or the 10th Amendment]?
Haven’t found it yet, still flipping through my copy. ;-)

Maybe Sen. Schumer should read Leonard Reed’s I, Pencil?

As Maple Syrup Prices Rise, New York Leaders See Opportunity – “But higher prices are already seen as an impetus to expand the domestic maple syrup industry. On March 9 Senator Charles E. Schumer, a New York Democrat, and Representative John McHugh, an upstate Republican, introduced a bill to help small producers nationwide get access to trees on private land and to create centralized storage and bottling plants. They hope to increase sales for the $65 million industry by 400 percent. “Listen to this, we have 289 million maple trees in New York,” Mr. Schumer said in an interview, “but we tap less than one-half of 1 percent of them. It’s a large, untapped resource, shall we say.” David Campbell, president of the New York State Maple Producers Association, said the jump in retail price is unprecedented. “There’s no surplus left anywhere in the world,” he said. “Everybody is waiting for this year’s crop.””

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