Laffer – New Evidence on Taxes and Income

Nice work from the great Dr. Arthur Laffer. Not long and well-worth the time to read.

New Evidence on Taxes and Income – “The new Census Bureau data on income and poverty reveal that many of the economic trends in this country are a lot more favorable than America’s detractors seems to think. In 2007, overall real median family income increased to $50,233, up $600 from 2006. The real median income for intact families — mother and father in the home — rose to $78,000, an all-time high.

Although incomes fell sharply in the U.S. after the dot-com bubble burst in 2000 (and still haven’t fully recovered), these latest statistics reflect a 25-year trend of upward economic mobility. More important, Barack Obama is wrong when he states on his campaign Web site that the economic policies started by Ronald Reagan have rewarded ‘wealth not work.’ Based on this false claim — that the rich have benefited by economic growth while others have not — he intends to raise tax rates on high-income individuals.”